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Tri-Campus Awards

Tri-Campus Award Winners 2016

Tri-Campus Award Winners 2016

Back row from left: Sarah Brydges, Ruth Baker, Richard Watkins, Tim Coughlin, Md Mohataz Hossain, Kian Ong, Pawel Smietanka, Anand Ahankari, Priya Ramakrishna, Mahetab Amer, Vicky Strong, Bobby Hyde

Front row from left: Siobhan Simpson, Jesslyn Lee, Katherine Greenfield, Meixi Zhuang, Dame Jessica Corner, Deborah Oliveira, Aine Byrne, Annalise Grice, Samuel Cooper



The University of Nottingham Tri-Campus Awards recognise accomplishments in research, publications, conferences, and contribution to the Postgraduate Community. Students were nominated by their Schools for excellence across a number of areas.

On 14 April, Prize winners and their guests were invited to Graduate School's Tri-Campus 2016 awards ceremonies, taking place simultaneously across all three campuses, to celebrate the accomplishments of researchers across our three campuses.

Awards were presented to some of The University's top postgraduate research students by Dame Jessica Corner, Pro-Vice Chancellor Research & Knowledge Exchange.

The Graduate School would like to congratulate all the winners on their achievements and for receiving such prestigious awards!


Andrew Hendry Postgraduate Scholarship (£150)

Founded in 1968 from subscriptions raised in memory of the late Mr Andrew Hendry, Bursar of the University, 1948-66. It is open to all students in all Faculties.

Awards were presented to:

  • Anand Ahankari (Medicine)
  • Mahetab Amer (Pharmacy)
  • Aine Byrne (Mathematics)
  • Md Mohataz Hossain (Engineering)
  • Chai Lee (Engineering)
  • Deborah Oliveira (Health Sciences)
  • Priya Ramakrishna (Biosciences)

Heymann Research Scholarships (£150)

Founded in 1892 by Henry Heymann of Nottingham. Preference is given to students in the Faculty of Arts but it may be awarded to a student in another Faculty in default of candidates of sufficient merit in Arts.

This award was presented to:

  • Claire Burdfield (Culture, Film and Media)

Dean Moore Research Scholarships (£150)

Founded in 1949 by a bequest under the will of Mrs Florence Moore (nee Dean) of Thorneywood. It is open to students who are resident in the East Midlands, preferably of the City of Nottingham.

Awards were presented to:

  • Katherine Greenfield (Psychology)
  • Annalise Grice (English)
  • Siobhan Simpson (Veterinary Surgery)
  • Richard Watkins (Law)

Founded in 1951 by a bequest under the will of John Hewitt Tomlin of Mapperley. Open to students resident in the East Midlands, especially Lincoln.

This award was presented to:

  • Ruth Baker (Medicine)

Postgraduate Teaching Awards

This award recognises and celebrates examples of innovative teaching and support of learning.  These awards are given to people who can show innovative and reflective practice by:

  • Improving effectiveness in their teaching and support of learning
  • Making appropriate changes in learning activities or techniques
  • Evaluating and reflecting on the impact of their intervention and possibilities for further development

Awards were presented to:

  • Sarah Brydges (Pharmacy)
  • Samuel Cooper (Cultures, Languages and Area Studies)
  • Bobby Hyde (Veterinary Medicine & Science)
  • Tim Coughlin (Medicine)
  • Benjamin Beranek (Economics)
  • Pawel Smietanka (Economics)
  • Kian Ong (Economics)
  • Sudhir Venkatesan (Medicine)
  • Vicky Strong Veterinary (Medicine & Science)

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