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As a postgraduate, what is expected from me and what can I expect in return?

What is expected of me as a researcher?


  • Participate fully in your studies
  • Follow safety advice
  • Read relevant University and School publications
  • Communicate with your supervisor
  • Participate in Researcher Development courses
  • Meet assessment deadlines and requirements
  • Complete your thesis on time
  • To be subject to review
  • To adhere to the specific regulations governing postgraduate students
What can I expect to receive as a Researcher?
  • Appointment of a Supervisor
  • Assessments
  • Viva Voce Examinations
  • Advice from a Postgraduate Student Advisor
  • Access to Resources and Facilities
  • Induction and training
  • Support of the Academic School
What regulations particularly apply to postgraduates?
What are the responsibilities of a supervisor?
Supervisors will provide guidance to students so that they may carry out their research and present their results to the best advantage. Every supervisor and every research student will be provided with guidance on their respective roles and responsibilities.

The role of a supervisor is to guide and assist students during their time of registered study:
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Documentation Check
  • Research Plan
  • Advising on regulations and ethics
  • Advising on services and facilities
  • Minimum number of supervisions
  • Format for the supervisions
  • Supervision record
  • Training needs
  • Safety
  • Meetings, conference and publication
  • Written work
  • Supervision during thesis pending period
  • Thesis presentation
  • Change of a supervisor
What are Postgraduate Student Advisors?

Every school should have at least one full-time member of academic staff designated to act as an independent School Postgraduate Student Adviser (SPSA) to advise research students and to deal confidentially with any concern raised by research students about their research studies and supervision.

What regulations apply to assessments?
The Quality manual contains the following regulations:
What regulations apply to Viva Voce examinations? 

The Head of School has overall responsibility for ensuring that viva voce examinations normally take place within three months of submission of the thesis to the Academic Services Division (Central Administration Office at UNMC or Graduate School at UNNC), and that the Registry, Faculty Office or Administration Office at UNMC is informed of the dates of viva voce examinations.

What resources and facilities is a postgraduate entitled to?
Each research student should have reasonable access to the study facilities and equipment which are necessary to, and which facilitate, the successful completion of his/her research studies, such as: 
  • Resources
  • Study Space
  • Computing Facilities
  • Printing
  • Photocopying
  • Inter library loans
  • Telephones
  • Recreational area
  • Other student services
What induction can a postgraduate expect to receive?
All registered research students should receive appropriate training to enable them to undertake and present research effectively and efficiently. As a postgraduate student, you are entitled to the following:
  • An Induction Programme
  • Identification of Training Needs
  • Subject Specific Training
  • Generic Training
  • Training record
  • Academic School
What support can I expect from my Academic School?
The University intends that Academic Schools will provide a study environment which will facilitate the successful completion of research studies undertaken by students. These matters are the responsibility of the Head of School, or person with suitable designated authority, who is expected to action the following matters:
  • Ensure adequate supervision arrangements
  • Implement equal opportunities policy
  • Establish Safety Officer and Safety Committee
  • Designate a School Postgraduate Student Advisor
  • Allocate supervisors
  • Provide a School handbook
  • Monitor supervision records
  • Make arrangements for seminars etc.
  • Monitor progress
  • Approve upgradings
  • Allocate Internal Assessors
  • Nominate External Examiners
  • Will monitor research degree programmes
What Support does the Graduate School Offer?
Check out our about the Graduate School section.
What other sources of support are available at Nottingham?

Academic Services
For advice on University procedures and regulations, examinations for research degrees, and getting official documentation.

Careers and Employability Service 
In order to enable postgraduate students to consider the career options available to them when they complete their studies, the University has a dedicated postgraduate careers advisor.

Centre for English Language Education
CELE provide study opportunities and language support for international students, as well as offering teacher training programmes.

Current Student pages 
Provide links to a wide range of links to useful everyday support services and ways to get the most out of your student experience.

International Office
Support for non-UK students is provided by the International Office.

Students' Union
The SU represents all students at the University.

Student Services
Student Services provide a range of specialist services to students and staff of the University.

University Counselling Service
The University Counselling Service is a free confidential service.


I am a distance learner but need to access a library, what are my options?

We have a range of online resources you can access through the Libraries and Studying effectively webpages. They include step-by-step interactive tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions from students about their study and information skills.

You can even access a library in your local area. SCONUL Access is a reciprocal scheme for many library users working or studying at over 170 participating higher education libraries in the UK and Ireland. It enables staff and students from one institution to access resources at other SCONUL Access member libraries.





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