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Graduate School Travel Prize

These prestigious prizes support research students to attend national or international conferences to present research, or to make a short visit to another institute to use or consult essential resources.

The Graduate School also operates a Travel Prize for Research Staff.

The funding round you apply to is determined by your travel dates, please carefully check the funding deadline before you apply. If you apply to the incorrect funding round, your application will be rejected. We recommend that you download the application form and discuss it with your supervisor before you start the application process.

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New Travel Prize Application Process

The application process for the Graduate School Travel Prize has changed and applications are now managed in Moodle.

This is a highly competitive prize that attracts a large number of applications.

Incomplete or incorrectly completed applications will not be sent to the judging panel for consideration.

The guidance notes for applicants and FAQ page provide all the information you need to fully complete your application.




Applications open

Travel from

Travel to

6 Sept 2018

Thurs 4pm

7 June 2018

1st Nov

10 Feb

6 Dec 2018

Thurs 4pm

7 Sept


12 May

7 Mar 2019

Thurs 4pm

7 Dec

29th Apr


6 June 2019

Thurs 4pm

9 Mar 2019


10 Nov

5 Sept 2019

Thurs 4pm

7 June 2019



Please click on the headers below for more information. 

Levels of support

  • No more than 50% of the total cost, up to maximum of £300 for a visit in the UK
  • No more than 50% of the total cost, up to a maximum of £600 for a visit outside the UK



  • You must be registered for postgraduate research degree the University of Nottingham United Kingdom Campus at the time of attending the conference or making a visit. Please see our eligibility page for a detailed list of eligible courses.
  • You must apply to the specific funding round that covers your dates of travel.
  • You must be able to obtain funding in addition to that applied for from the Graduate School to support your attendance. Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate either school and/or external funding.
  • You will be eligible to receive only one Graduate School Travel Prize during your period of registration at the University.
  • You must have completed one or more of the Graduate School's Communication and Presentation Skills training courses before you attend the conference, or can demonstrate that you have acquired equivalent skills training elsewhere.
  • Students who are in 'thesis pending' are not eligible to apply.


How to apply 

Please do not send anything by email or as hard copy as it will not be accepted.

  1. Check the funding deadline dates to ensure you apply to the correct funding round.
  2. Download the latest travel prize application form (no other versions will be accepted)
  3. Read the guidance notes for applicants and discuss your application with your supervisor.
  4. Fully complete the application form and ensure all sections (including the supervisor statement of support) have been fully completed and signed. You must also include copies of all quotations to illustrate the costs of travel. Incomplete and incorrectly completed applications will not be sent to the judging panel for consideration.
  5. Combine the application form and all supporting documents (quotes etc) into a single pdf document.
  6. Visit the Moodle application page and complete the online application.
  7. Upload your pdf document into your online application.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions of the Travel Prize.
  9. Check and submit your application before the deadline.

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