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Postgraduate research students in the School of Life Sciences are required to show competency in a number of translational skills, which are embodied in Vitae's Researcher Development Framework. This is described in detail in the Portfolio section of the School’s PGRWeb system for monitoring the progression of research students (PGRs). The best way for students to satisfy the requirements of the portfolio is to sign up for Graduate School and faculty-specific training courses which map onto the portfolio. You will be able to get advice from your supervisor and the Graduate School on which courses are most suitable.

The M&HS Faculty offers discipline specific training courses as part of the Faculty Training Programme, which is convened by the M&HS Graduate Centre (MHSGC). The programme's workshops are delivered by academics and research staff from the Faculty as well as researcher development and library professionals.

A broader range of transferable skills that will assist your professional and career development whether you plan to pursue a career inside or outside of academia can be developed by attending the courses provided within the Graduate School's Researcher Development Programme. These courses are delivered by the Graduate School, Library, Careers and Employability Service and Information Services.

All first year (or part time equivalent) postgraduates registered for a doctoral degree in the School of Life Sciences are invited to attend and present at the annual Faculty Postgraduate Research Forum.

To attend a training course you will need to self-enrol using the on-line registration system; 'central short courses' or 'csc'. To access descriptions of each of the courses and links to the sessions' on-line registration pages click on the relevant training programme button below or go directly to PGR web. 

Graduate School and Faculty Training Programme courses run each academic year between November and the following July.

To view the course lists and access their booking pages click on the links below. Please carefully read the course description before booking your place.

Faculty-specific courses
M&HS Faculty Training Programme  


If you are a research student in one of the University of Nottingham Biomedical Research Units or have a research project that is clinically translational in nature you may wish to consider following the N-trans Training Programme. Please discuss with your supervisor what best suits your training and developmental needs.

Researcher Development Programme
Graduate School's Researcher Development Programme 




Key School contacts

Directors of Postgraduate Research: Dr Vincent Wilson, Dr Lopa Leach and Dr Gareth Hathway

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All students using the School's PGRWeb can view their Postgraduate Student Advisor details via their account. Any student not registered through the PGRWeb should have received an email with this information.



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