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An event for researchers to showcase their work and win prizes for public engagement


The 2017 Research Showcase was held on Wednesday 21 June at the Engineering & Science Learning Centre, University Park. This year the popular, annual event saw around 40 researchers present posters explaining their research projects in a clear and creative way to a public audience. Entries covered a wide variety of subjects from early cancer detection to brain-friendly Mediterranean diet and from how maths informs tissue engineering design to plants playing Pacman to survive. 

The posters were judged by members of the public and non-academic University staff and prizes awarded in 6 categories. Details of this years winners can be found below. 

The prizes were presented by comedian and science communicatory Helen Arney who also delivered a colourful and entertaining keynote address. 


Showcase 2017


2017 Showcase Prize Winners

Media Prize for the best press release

Anthony Robinson from the School of Geography with his press release entitled “Postcards from the past illuminate the future for popular beauty spot ”.

Award for Artistic Flair – £50

Miriam Golding-Day from the School of Medicine with “Can a shower help to solve the social care crisis?

People’s Choice Award - £100

Rebecca Robinson from the School of Medicine with “Babies: How big is too big”

3rd prize - £100

Marit Nijman from the School of Biosciences with “Tasting beer in a bar makes it easier to decide how you feel about it”

2nd prize - £150

Amanda Chang from the School of Biosciences with “How much P is in our waterways”

First Prize – Winner of the Research Showcase 2017 - £200

Rebecca Robinson from the School of Medicine with “Babies: How big is too big”



2017 Research Showcase winners from left to right: Marit Nijman, Amanda Chang, (presenter Helen Arney) Rebecca Robinson, Anthony Robinson, Miriam Golding-Day

Previous Showcase winners:


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