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Call For Participants (CFP) is a free online service for academic researchers and students to promote their research and recruit study participants.

It was created by researchers at Nottingham, who with external funding from JISC have been able to take their company ‘Call for Participants’ from just a company offering a service at Nottingham, to one that has gone national and been noticed internationally. It is offered as a free JISC backed online resource at The University of Nottingham by the Graduate School.

This online service replaces the volunteer request sheets that you see on University noticeboards and emails seeking participants for research experiments. Students and the general public can also register their interest and look for participation and reward opportunities.

It's a simple three step process:

1. Create your own Research Study page by completing a simple form

2. Publish it on the online platform

3. Use the powerful promotional tools to advertise your study and maximise recruitment

CFP also provides you with recruitment statistics so you can see exactly where the participants for your study are coming from so that you can focus your recruitment efforts where they work best, removing the guess-work and saving you time.

Visit the Call for Participants website to find out more and register for this free online service.

Call for Participants' Blog 

Call For Participants' Blog brings you news on research studies, trends and impact - plus insider knowledge from the world's first and largest open recruitment platform.


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