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The effective use of social and participatory media is increasingly seen as a key requirement in 21st Century academic practice. Social media (such as blogs, social networks and Twitter) provide new opportunities for researchers to source information, network, collaborate, and disseminate their research.

This web resource has been created by researchers for researchers, as part of the Research Practices 2.0 project.

Through videos and texts, our Pathways provide a useful guide to social media, and an opportunity to see how other research students from different disciplines are using them in their studies. We hope these authentic shared experiences will help you develop informed and critical approaches to adopting and using social media in your own studies and research activities.


Where can I find more information?

There is lots of information about social media to explore on the web. To get you started, we have a carefully selected and annotated a Social Media resources section featuring a wide range of links to social media guides, blog posts and online articles related to academic use of social media.

The University of Manchester Library, Skills@Library, University of Leeds and The University of York Library have collaborated to produce a social media guide for students. It helps students understand how they could use social media to enhance their studies as well as boost their employability.

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