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Our researcher training programme is open to all early stage researchers, both postgraduate research students (PGRs) and early career research staff (ECRs), and it is made available to you free of any charges. Doctoral students will find that the programme has been designed to support you during the different stages of a postgraduate research degree. 

Courses may become available throughout the year, please check back if dates are not currently available  

Managing Your Research

Courses in this category will assist you with the practical, day-to-day aspects of understanding and managing your research project. The focus is on skills and strategies that will increase your understanding, efficiency and effectiveness. All of the courses include a selection of examples, case studies or practical exercises to help you learn the research skills you will need to complete crucial project tasks.  Throughout each course your trainers will provide practical advice and offer tips and strategies gleaned from their own and the experience of other researchers. 

Writing, Communication & Networking 

For researchers to be good researchers, they need to be good communicators; it’s an important part of the role. Whether you need to communicate with an audience in your own field, or whether your next talk is to be delivered to a lay audience, this group of courses will provide you with the knowledge, tools and in some instances the opportunity to present your work in a ‘safe’ environment before you need to deliver your research presentation or poster within a setting where more is at stake.

Research Skills, Tools & Techniques

This is our largest group of researcher training courses that you will find particularly useful as you get to grips with the methods that might be most appropriate for answering the questions you want to investigate. There are courses to help you understand the basics of statistics and how to conduct statistical tests or use a statistics software package, or you might be looking to master software like NVivo to get to grips with your qualitative data. Whatever your discipline we aim to provide resources and training programmes to help you. 

Research Governance

New researchers are strongly encouraged to engage with this group of courses at an early stage of their research project. Completing courses from this group will mean that you have a good grasp of the broad range of regulations, principles and standards of good practice that ensure high quality research in your research discipline. Our aim is to ensure, as much as is practically possible, that your research activities comply with national legislation and the University of Nottingham research governance requirements. University governance guidelines apply to all disciplines and regardless of whether research is conducted at the university, or at another location. 



  • ECR - Early Career Researcher
  • Face-to-face - Classroom based course
  • Online Moderated - Tutor supported course within fixed dates
  • Online Standalone - Can be done at any time
  • PGR - Postgraduate Research Student
  • PGT - Postgraduate Taught Student
  • Points - Training points which some Schools require students to gain these. Check with your School

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