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Our broad and comprehensive range of training courses help our research staff and eligible students to develop vital transferable skills in these key areas. 

Our central programme is for researchers from all disciplines, whereas our Faculty and Doctoral Training Programmes offer courses tailored for researchers in a particular faculty or discipline.

The skills gained from these programmes will improve your ability to complete your research project on time and to present your work to a variety of audiences. They will also help you to develop a good understanding of how your work could transform the lives of people and societies across the world and encourage you to reflect on the commercial possibilities for your research.

Key areas covered include:

  • Managing your research
  • Research skills & techniques
  • Research governance
  • Writing, communication & networking skills
  • Career planning & employability
  • Entrepreneurship

Our Researcher development courses are free for all postgraduate researchers (including a few  eligible MA and MSc courses) and research staff.

The courses vary in length and format, from one-hour seminars to online courses that you can complete or use as an information resource in your own time. 

thesis bootcamp
Thesis Bootcamp – 

One of many different sessions for research students run by our Research Training & Development staff.

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