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Student experience

At the Derby Centre we pride ourselves on our community of staff and students. This allows us to offer excellent student support and there is also a range of social activities to get involved in. 

Students' Union activities and services

We have one of the biggest and most active Students' Unions in the UK. As well as the services and activities available to you at Nottingham (a short journey down the A52) we fund and support NAMA Derby (Nursing And Midwifery Association). This group provides: social events, sports, activities and welfare support. 

Each year it offers a slightly different range of services and events depending on what current Derby students want. New students are encouraged to tell us what they would like and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and set up new ideas and initiatives.

More videos of our staff and students speaking about the Derby Centre.

Elaine Cook

Head of Division of Nursing

Elaine speaks about why she became a nurse, the courses we offer, our facilities, the student experience and the Derby education centre.

The Student Advice and Representation Centre (along with many other Students' Union services) are available remotely over the phone, through our website or via email. There are also regular Students' Union drop-in sessions throughout the year at Derby where you can find out more.

Student comments about the Derby experience:

I moved to Derby for the GEN adult nursing course and have had no regrets. I enjoy the small class sizes as they really enable all students to get involved in discussions. The staff are friendly, easily assessable for advice on both academic and personal issues. Housing is fairly cheap in Derby and placements are often within walking distance, making the NHS bursary go further.


     - Rebecca Gelsthorpe, Graduate Entry Nursing student

Studying at the Derby Centre has been an absolutely amazing experience. The school has proved me with many fantastic opportunities and lots of amazing experiences to prepare me for my future nursing roles. The lecturers are all extremely knowledgeable, always willing to listen and support in any way they can.

The school not being a campus was a huge bonus as it has given me a unique, relaxed, warm and friendly environment to study in, without missing out on any of the social activities! I have met lots of new and exciting people along the way. Oh, and let’s not forget that Derby is the Real Ale Capital of England!


     - Claire O’Malley, Mental Health Nursing student

Staff comments about the Derby experience:

I've been a lecturer at the Derby Centre since 1985. I've seen many changes to nursing and nurse education, but I believe the overall atmosphere at the Derby Centre has largely remained unchanged. We recruit large numbers of student nurses but still, in my opinion, retain the 'personal touch'. Evaluations over the years invariably comment on our friendly and supportive approach towards students. The staff are very much a 'team' and this is reflected in our teaching/facilitation.


     - Jane Bentham, Adult Nursing Lecturer

I'm one of the mental health teachers at the Derby Centre. I've been doing the job of a teacher/lecturer since 1990. One of my greatest pleasure is meeting our ex students out in the different clinical areas, and seeing them being experts at what they are doing. It's nice to have been part of that process of growth and development right at the start of their careers.

Despite being part of a very large UK University, Derby Centre also offers a different student experience that feels very local, because of its compact size and integrated location.


     - Paul Bonham, Mental Health Nursing Lecturer 


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