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Continuing Professional Development Masterclass

Resilience-Based Clinical Supervision

Resilience Based Clinical Supervision (RBCS) is underpinned by compassion focused therapy which explicitly focuses on the way in which emotions motivate our response to a situation and how we can learn strategies to mediate this response to achieve a desired outcome. The sessions aim to enable members to develop competencies, which facilitate their self-care and promote the flow of compassion to themselves and consequently others. The recognition of the external influences on individual wellbeing is emphasised to analyse how the personal, relational and organisational factors contribute.   


To increase awareness of the theory behind Resilience Based Clinical Supervision and provide the skills to facilitate supervision underpinned by the model.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the rational for Resilience Based Clinical Supervision and the underpinning theory
  2. Develop skills which will enable:
  • creating a safe space agreement
  • facilitate grounding exercises
  • support the group to identify and explore the emotions underpinning their responses
  • utilise the Emotional Regulation Circles to promote reflective discussion
  • encourage compassionate flow within the group

     3. Explore and action plan implementation within your organisation

Teaching methods

  • Mini lectures
  • Experiential learning groups
  • Small group work
  • Scenario planning and role-play
  • Short Q&A session

Once the RBCS Champion training is completed, participants will be in a position to cascade their knowledge to others within the organisation and will have full access to the training and facilitation resources. 


Date: 11 September 2019

Course Leader: Dr Gemma Stacey

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 “Well facilitated training. Great to experience the model as a group which helped me to make connections with how it could be used in practice.

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