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Title The Best Online Tools and Technology for Your Nursing Career

However, as new online nursing tools and resources continue to flood the market, sifting through all of the selections can become an overwhelming task.


Let’s take smartphone and tablet apps, for example; there are more than 10,000 healthcare related apps found on the iTunes store alone.


How does a nurse whittle down the tens of thousands of online tools available with the click of a button?


Dawn Cheairs, VP of Strategic Partnerships for DohJe, Inc., suggests keeping an ear to the ground.


“In my research for building DohJe…” says Cheairs, who markets a tool that allows nurses to directly receive, respond to and store inspirational notes/photos online, “…nursing students have indicated that educators and fellow students are the best way to find out about new apps and online technology.”


The following list also touches upon some of the most popular and best online tools for a nursing career...

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