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Title Manitoba Health: Communicable Disease Management Protocols

Communicable Disease Management Protocols

Introduction:  Purpose of the Manual

The prevention, management and control of communicable diseases requires the active participation and cooperation of all health-care professionals and practitioners.


While this manual is intended to act as a guide to the management and control of communicable diseases within the Province of Manitoba, professional judgment will still be required by those charged with providing health care services.


Protocols for specific communicable diseases contain epidemiologic information with reference to provincial and national trends. Detailed information related to laboratory testing, treatment and public health investigation is included in the protocols and reflects best practices at the time of release. As advances in scientific knowledge and health care practices become available, our collective response to well established as well as newly identified and evolving pathogens must be routinely reviewed and updated. Although the Manual will be updated periodically, practitioners must take responsibility to ensure that they have the most recent knowledge relating to the case they are dealing with.

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