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Title Center on Gender Equity and Health

Our Mission

The mission of the Center on Gender Equity and Health is to improve population health and development by improving the status, opportunities and safety of women and girls, globally. The Center focuses on conducting innovative global public health research, medical and academic training, and development and evaluation of evidence-based policies and practices related to:

gender inequities (girl child marriage, son preference and daughter aversion)

gender-based violence (partner violence, sexual assault & exploitation, sex trafficking)

The overarching goal of the Center is reducing gender inequities and gender-based violence, as such reductions are key to improving sexual, reproductive, and maternal and child health. To achieve this mission of creating sustainable and large-scale change, the Center seeks and maintains partnerships with governmental and non-governmental agencies around the globe. A social justice framework is utilized by the Center across these efforts, and innovative technologies are employed to facilitate and accelerate change at individual, community and national levels.

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