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Title March of Dimes: Working together for stronger, healthier babies

Since the establishment of its Global Programs in 1998, March of Dimes has worked hard to improve birth outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. To date, Global Programs has overseen projects in 33 countries through a partnership mechanism that it calls the "mission alliance." The ideal mission alliance partner is one which has an established presence in the target country, including legal status, the support of and connection to its Ministries of Health and Finance and a local infrastructure; shares our mission to improve the health of newborns; and demonstrates financial health and stability. Together with our international and U.S. partners, March of Dimes has conducted interventions over the past decade that have been well-planned and executed, product-intensive, of short turn-around and measurable. In doing so, March of Dimes has respected the individual cultural differences of our partner organizations. We also have offered our technical partners technical expertise and the extensive resources of the March of Dimes, including professional and public health education materials and tools for establishing data collection systems, which have been easily adapted by our mission alliance partners to local conditions and needs. Working in this manner, March of Dimes has become a highly-visible, trusted and respected ally in the eyes of our developing country colleagues and a source of scientifically-robust data, curricula and other informational materials for use both in lower-income countries and in resource-poor settings in industrialized countries.

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