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Title Health Consequences of Poverty for Children
Author Professor Nick Spencer

This document summarises the physical, emotional and psychological health consequences of poverty for children. Maternal and child health are intimately linked and, consistent with the inter-generational approach, advocated by the Acheson Report. I start with a brief review of the effects of poverty and low socio-economic status on maternal health - particularly as it affects readiness for pregnancy and foetal well-being. Birth weight has major consequences for survival in early infancy, health throughout childhood and into adult life and the impact of poverty on this is considered next. Death, disability and illness in infancy and childhood. closely linked to birth weight and poverty, are discussed before examining the consequences of poverty for the emotional and psychological health and well being of children. Poverty and material deprivation in rich nations appear to have a negative effect on parenting, leading among other things to child poverty, parenting and child protection are reviewed. Finally, the links between poverty, educational attainment and children's health are discussed.

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Subjects Child health, Poverty and inequality