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Title The NHS Plan: Improving health and reducing inequality

No injustice is greater than the inequalities in health which scar our nation. The life expectancy of a boy born into the bottom social class is over nine years less than a boy born into the most affluent social class. The gap between health needs and health services remains stubbornly wide.

The worst health problems in our country will not be tackled without dealing with their fundamental causes. This means tackling disadvantage in all its forms - poverty, lack of educational attainment, unemployment, discrimination and social exclusion. It means recognising the specific health needs of different groups, including people with disabilities and minority ethnic groups. Improving health is now a key priority for all government departments. Action will be taken to step up the cross-governmental focus on health and inequalities.

The NHS too has a stronger role to play in prevention, as well as working in partnership with other agencies to tackle the causes of ill health so as to reduce health inequalities.

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