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Title Global Health: Nurses Taking a Leadership Role in the Global Community

This academic paper explores the role of the nurse as a leader in the international healthcare community. Faced with the effects of globalization on geopolitical, economic, and cultural relations between societies, nurses are becoming front-line providers in countries where access to healthcare services are limited. This paper explores the concept of a global village, where societies are entering into closer relationships with one another on a worldwide scale, and the role that nursing professionals can take as educators, mentors, and innovators, in order to lead other emerging professionals in the provision of healthcare services. In countries where infectious, communicable diseases are largely preventable through vaccination, and simple interventions to improve sanitation and safe drinking water, nurses have a unique opportunity fulfill their social responsibility as health promoters by collaborating with political and healthcare leaders to created sustainable solutions to indentified needs. In addition to working as health promoters, this paper outlines the key competencies that are necessary to provide holistic nursing care and development of a global mindset in providing healthcare to at-risk populations and becoming an advocate for those in need of a voice.

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