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Title Global Health Governance: Overview of the Role of International Law in Protecting and Promoting Global Public Health
Author Professor David Fidler

This paper’s analysis unfolds in five parts. Part 1 examines the theoretical and practical need for international law in global governance systems. Part 2 provides a brief overview of the structure and dynamics of international law, which is an area of legal theory and practice that is often unfamiliar to public health experts and policy makers. Part 3 demonstrates how deeply embedded the value of public health is in public international law today. The protection and promotion of public health can be found in a wide variety of international legal regimes that cut across virtually every area of international relations. Part 4 analyzes different kinds of global governance mechanisms and strategies that have developed in international law on public health. In Part 5, the focus is on international law’slimitations as an instrument of GHG in order to communicate the message that international law is necessary but not sufficient to create effective GHG in today’s complex world.

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