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Title Module 2: Social determinants (eBook)

What participants should get out of the Social Determinants Module (eBook):

Participants will:

  • be aware that health is more than a medical issue, and be familiar with the concept of social determinants of health
  • be able to identify gender as one of these determinants, and be aware that it is affected by and interacts with other determinants
  • have an understanding of the various levels at which health determinants operate, and the interrelationship between these distinguish between the factors affecting women’s health:
  1. that are common to women and men of a specific social group (forexample, rural/urban, poor/rich)
  2. that arise from women's biological differences from men
  3. that are related to gender-based differentials and understand how these may all be interrelated
  • acquire the skills to apply the social determinants and gender framework to understand the structural factors underlying the impact of health policies and interventions
  • understand that this knowledge can be applied to shape and inform health policies and interventions.
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