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Alan Pringle

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Alan trained as a Registered Mental Health nurse at Leverndale Hospital in Glasgow and as a Registered General Nurse at the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow. After working in the city as a Staff Nurse Alan moved to Mansfield to work at Millbrook Mental Health Unit when it opened in 1987. During his time at Millbrook Alan was a charge nurse on two of the acute wards (Maun and Trent) and was nurse in charge of the multidisciplinary Day Therapy Area until 1993.

In 1993 Alan worked as a teacher practitioner between Millbrook and the University of Nottingham School of Nursing, a role that involved teaching three days per week and clinical work for two.

In 2004 Alan took up a full time post with the University of Nottingham as a lecturer in mental health nursing.

He successfully completed his PhD which focused on Football and Mental Health on 2008

Alan contributes to and leads a range of modules in the BSc and GEN programmes run by the School of Health sciences as well as teaching on post registration modules and supervising PhD students.

He is involved in the development and evaluation of sport and mental health programmes at NOtts County FC, Coventry City FC and at Nottinghamshire Cricket Club.

His most recent publications have focused on the use of stand-up comedy techniques in teaching and on the use of anecdotes as a teaching tool.

Expertise Summary

Alan has worked in the area of using football as a vehicle for mental health promotion and interventions in a number of ways in recent years.

His PhD looked at the impact that actively supporting a club (in this case Mansfield Town FC) could have on the mental health of supporters. He was involved in the development of the "It's a Goal!" which places staff in football stadiums to work primarily with young men in mental health promotion and mental health intervention work. The programme began in 2004 and continues to run

Alan was involved in developing the Positive Goals football league with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust. This league for service users involves teams from all over the county coming together to play matches on a monthly basis and each year comprises of between 10 and 12 teams.

Alan is currently involved with football and mental health programmes run by Notts County, Coventry City and Nottinghamshire Cricket Club.

Alan also has an active interest elderly and dementia care and has published and researches in this field. This has included building and using memory rooms and the use of ipad technology for reminiscence in dementia care.

Teaching Summary

Main teaching

A range of teaching , mostly focusing on mental health, on the BSc and GEN Nursing programmes offered by the School of Health Sciences. Teaching on post registration modules and teacher induction programes. Supervision of PhD students.

Research Summary

  • Football and mental health
  • Using innovative methods of data collection
  • Dementia care
  • The use of anecdotes and stand up comedy techniques to enhance educational engagement

Past Research

Various football and mental health projects

The use of timelines in dementia care

The use of ipad technology in dementia care

The role of Mauritian nurses and mental health care in the UK

The use of anecdotes and stand-up comedy techniques to enhance engagement in education

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