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Anne Felton

Associate Professor, Mental Health and Social Care, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Anne Felton is an Associate Professor in Mental Health at the School of Health Sciences at The University of Nottingham. Anne is the academic lead for the Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Team at the School.

She is an experienced educator; leading the delivery of mental health education as program lead on the Masters of Nursing Science and coordinating modules across the undergraduate nursing courses at the University. She has run post-graduate modules on recovery and mental health. She led the development of the person centred nursing care unit during the introduction of a new innovative blended learning undergraduate nursing curriculum, She has an interest in the use of simulation for the development of mental health nursing skills and has developed innovations in this area. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and member of Mental Health Academics UK.

Anne has been involved in a number of projects working in partnership with service users to enable their participation in nurse education. She has published in the field of risk and mental health, service user involvement, social inclusion, and therapeutic risk taking. Her research interests include; risk and mental health, values based practice, shared decision making, and recovery. Her PhD employed multiple case studies to explore mental health professionals experiences of tensions in mental health practice surrounding choice and control.

Teaching Summary

Between 2011 and 2015 I was 'unit lead' for the person centred nursing care modules. This role involved co-ordinating the development of a series of modules in the newly developed BSc in nursing that… read more

Research Summary

PhD 'Psychiatry is a Risk Business' The construction of mental health service users as risk objects: A multiple case study Inquiry. University of Nottingham.

A critical discourse analysis exploring decision making within adult mental health services -Critical Values Based Practice Network

Selected Publications

  • Chair of Graduate Curriculum Practice Learning Work Stream
  • Course Unit Lead for Graduate Nursing Curriculum
  • Member of Graduate Nursing Curriculum Action Group
  • Practice Learning Team Educational Representative, Adult In-patient mental health services, Nottingham

Between 2011 and 2015 I was 'unit lead' for the person centred nursing care modules. This role involved co-ordinating the development of a series of modules in the newly developed BSc in nursing that spanned all fields. The curriculum philosophy emphaises students as partners in the learning process, employing a blended learning approach. . I have been a programme lead for mental health on the MNurSci course lead modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level for mental health students across a range of different programmes. I continue to act as module lead on the Undergraduate Masters of Nursing Science course. I am a supervisor across both BSc and Masters programmes and act as a personal tutor I am a Senior Fellow of the HEA

Past Research

Member of steering group -Theorising and Operationalising Social Capital (TOSCA) Perceptions of social inclusion: a mixed methods study of people with high support needs

Social Inclusion Managed Innovation Network Coordinator - A participatory project exploring the experiences of inclusion of people using rehabilitation adult mental health services.

A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Mental Health Nurses Qualifying with an Undergraduate Masters Degree

Member of steering group, Participation in Nurse Education (Educational Development Project)

An exploration of service users experiences of social inclusion, unfunded research project

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