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Julie McGarry

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Dr Julie McGarry Academic qualifications: DHSci (Nottingham), MMedSci (Nottingham), Post-Graduate Diploma (Medical Ethics), BA (Hon) (Law & Psychology), PGCHE, SFHEA.

Professional qualifications: Registered nurse (RN) in adult and mental health fields of practice. Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registered nurse teacher.

Julie is a nurse and Associate Professor in the School of Health Sciences with expertise and professional background in the field of adult and mental health nursing, safeguarding (adults and children), gender based violence and intimate partner violence/domestic violence and abuse with a focus towards survivors' experiences - the impact on health and wellbeing alongside the development of effective multi-agency (health/social care/criminal justice) responses. Julie has led on a number of externally funded research initiatives, working with international, national and local agencies in the UK in the development of safeguarding and domestic violence services for children and families and survivors of abuse. Julie also has a well-established background in participant led research exploring effective approaches to domestic violence identification and management through co-production of arts based narrative projects with survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM) and domestic violence and abuse (DVA). Julie has been commissioned to lead a number of domestic violence project evaluations both locally and nationally and has also acted in an advisory and expert reference group capacity for local and national agencies. Julie is committed to excellence in teaching and learning and her work synthesizes research, education and application to practice. She predominantly utilizes a qualitative approach to enquiry including personal narrative and ethnography - recent and current work includes older women and personal accounts of DVA survivorship and narrative accounts of FGM survivors. Current research includes healthcare responses to sexual violence in South Africa (From Silence 2 Voice) - funded through British Council Global Challenge Funds. Julie has initiated multi-agency collaborative scholarly partnerships on both international and national levels through leading the successful inception of the Integrated Domestic Violence and Abuse Research Group and Seminar Series within the Social Futures Centre of Excellence, Institute of Mental Health. Julie has held a number of internal and external leadership roles and is currently a mentor for the HEE/NIHR /ICA Mentorship and Outreach programme (ICAM). Julie has led on the development of a number of teaching innovations - she is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) - and contributes to both undergraduate and postgraduate taught and research education programmes. Julie is an experienced PhD supervisor and examiner in the UK and internationally in her area of subject expertise. Julie has published widely and disseminated her work through national and international conferences and invited keynote speaker presentations.

From January 2019 Julie is on part-secondment with practice partners to lead a two year research study in the development of a model for the delivery of sexual safety within acute mental health care contexts.

Recent co-production e-learning resource 'Unlocking Stories: Older Women's Experiences of Domestic Violence and Abuse told through Creative Expression' can be accessed through the following link:

Global Challenge Fund (2019) From Silence 2 Voice Website:

Professional Affiliation

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Senior Fellow of The Institute of Mental Health

Member of the International Health Humanities Network

The Royal College of Nursing UK (Member of Research Society Steering Committee and Vice Chair of the International Research Conference Scientific Committee)

Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Adult Protection

Mentor for HEE/NIHR /ICA Mentorship and Outreach programme (ICAM)

The Joanna Briggs Institute - member of management team and accredited systematic review trainer for the University of Nottingham Centre for Evidence Based Healthcare

Expertise Summary

Research expertise:

Research expertise in adult and mental health nursing and allied health contexts, safeguarding (adults and children), gender based violence and (intimate partner violence) domestic violence and abuse (DVA) and elder abuse. Research profile to date includes leading funded research examining the role of health care professionals in the effective identification and management of abuse, complexities of health and social care delivery with survivors of abuse, gender based violence, older women's experience of DVA and the exploration of women's narratives of DVA survivorship. Evaluative research lead for national and local safeguarding and DVA initiatives including education (healthy relationships) and young people (EQUATION Nottingham).

Chair of the Domestic Violence and Abuse Integrated Research Group, Centre for Social Futures (SoFu), Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham

Member of the Health Humanities University of Nottingham Research Priority Area (RPA) - part of the Cultures and Communication Global Research Themes

Researcher/member of the Maternal Health and Mental Health Research Groups, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham

Teaching expertise:

Lead in the development of a range of practice based learning resources in the field of safeguarding and domestic violence and abuse (DVA). Teaching and learning expertise and background in programme development and course directorship (previously lead/director for development and validation of the Graduate Entry to Nursing (GEN) programme), school wide leadership roles (previously academic lead for safeguarding and deputy director for postgraduate research and environment) enquiry-based learning and international virtual learning resource development including Universitas 21 and British Council Newton Funding Awards. Experienced PhD supervisor and examiner in the UK and internationally in area of subject expertise. Expertise in the development of e-learning resources and UK/international collaborative Reusable Learning Objects (RLO's) in safeguarding and domestic violence and family abuse. Current RLO development in narratives of survivorship within the context of DVA, 'masks of resilience' (student nurse project) and female genital mutilation (FGM) using arts based approaches.

Lord Dearing Award 2016 for excellence in teaching and learning

Lord Dearing Award 2012 for excellence in teaching and learning

The Joanna Briggs Institute Accredited Trainer

Teaching Summary

Teaching interests

  • Module Lead for Patient and Public Involvement in Quality and Safety Improvement (part of MSc Quality in Patient Safety and Improvement pathway)
  • Gender based violence and domestic violence and abuse: mental health and physical health contexts
  • Domestic abuse and safeguarding (adults and children)
  • Health and social policy - inter and intra boundary working
  • Arts and narrative enquiry in health
  • Person-centred care
  • Legal and ethical issues in health care
  • Qualitative research methods/evidence based practice/evidence synthesis
  • Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation and doctoral students across faculty and across international campus
  • Student practice learning support


2016 Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, University of Nottingham

2014 Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

2012 Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, University of Nottingham

Research Summary

Current and recent research

(PI) Sexual safety in acute in-patient mental health care. Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (2019 - 2021)

(PI) Responses to women who access services and care after experiencing sexual violence in South Africa. Global Challenge Research Fund (2018 - 2019)

(CI) Systematic review of partner violence screening with colleagues from University of Sheffield, UK (2018) Public Health England

(CI) Expanding the global reach and relevance of a U21 inter-professional online learning resource for Gender Based Violence: A collaboration between the University of Birmingham and University of Nottingham UK, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile, University of Melbourne, Australia, University of Cape Town, South Africa. (2018 - 2019) Universitas 21 Funding

(PI) Exploring Sexual Safety within Mental Health Contexts. The Burdett Trust for Nursing (2018-2019)

(CI) Reaching Communities: Healthy Relationships among Young People Project. EQUATION Nottingham, (Evaluation) Julie McGarry (University of Nottingham) and Kim Watts (Kings College London) (2018 - 2023) The Big Lottery

(PI) Developing a framework for 'safeguarding clinical supervision' Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (2018)

(CI) Do primary care nurses provide appropriate care to women victims of violence from black and ethnic communities? General Nursing Council (Co-applicant with University of Sheffield) (2017-2018)

(CI) Developing an inter-professional U21 curriculum for Gender Based Violence Universitas 21 Health Group Project Funding (Co-applicant as part of an international team) (2017-2018)

(CI) ESRC Showcasing Fund Engage with Us Event ESRC Impact Leaders Programme 2017 Group (CI) (2017-2018) CQC Sexual Safety Seminar

(CI) Improving Service Provision for Survivors of Domestic Violence with Complex Needs: Seminar ESRC Impact Accelerator Fund (CI) (2018)

Translation of DVA Perpetrator Toolkit ESRC Impact Accelerator Fund (PI) (2017-2018)

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Review Project (PI) (2017-2018)

Improving care for women and girls who have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM): qualitative evidence synthesis. NIHR Health Services and Values Programme (CI) (2017-2018)

Development of e-learning resources to support student nurses and newly qualified registrants in the effective management of domestic violence and abuse in practice. The Burdett Trust for Nursing Grant (Collaboration with University of Sheffield 2016-2017)

Evaluation of the Implementation of the National IRIS (domestic violence and abuse) Initiative across Nottingham City GP Practices (Collaboration with Kings College London 2016 - 2017)

National Survey of Current Awareness of Qualified and Student Nurses Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Towards Identification of Domestic Violence and Abuse (Collaboration with the University of Sheffield, UK 2016 - 2017)

Stories of survivorship: female genital mutation (FGM) - joint educational project with Majatu Nottingham - arts based funded research (2015 - 2017)

What is home? Health Humanities RPA group (2017)

Domestic Violence Specialist Support Worker (STRIDE) Project - commissioned study (2015 - 2016)

Narratives of survivorship: older women's experiences of domestic violence - arts based funded research (2015 - 2016)

The development and evaluation of a domestic violence nurse specialist role in the acute care setting (a two year commissioned evaluation project 2013-2015)

Disclosure and management of domestic violence and abuse in the emergency department (2013-2014)

Exploring service responses to domestic violence among older populations (commissioned research in one region of UK) 2012

Examining domestic violence and the safeguarding specialist nurse role in the emergency department (ED) (2011-2012)

Exploration of older women's experiences of domestic abuse (2008-2010)

Doctoral Thesis: Defining roles, relationships, boundaries and participation between older people and nurses within the home: an ethnographic study (Completed 2007)

  • Publications section reflects wider research/teaching and learning interests and projects undertaken

Recent Publications


Invited Speaker

Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network UK, Institute of Mental Health October 2019

Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network UK (inaugural international network) Institute of Mental Health October 2019

University of Oxford, Oxford November 2019

Oxford Seminar Series on Older Women's Health

NHS England London. February 2019

Sexual safety in acute in-patient mental health care

Nottingham, February 2019

Interprofessional Masterclass - Women's Health in a Global Context

Oral presentations

MCGARRY, J. & RANDA, M.: The experiences of staff working in forensic care facilities providing support to those who have experienced sexual violence in South Africa

ALSHAMMARI, K & MCGARRY J. Nurses' understanding of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) against women in Saudi Arabia

Royal College of Nursing International Research Conference, Sheffield UK.

MCGARRY J. Sexual safety - sexual harm: exploring complexity in mental health contexts.

25th International Mental Nursing Research Conference, London UK.


Invited speaker

Royal College of Psychiatrists London. Domestic Violence and Mental Health December 2018

Older women and domestic violence: conceptual complexity in later life

EQUATION Nottingham February 2018

Older Women and Intimate Partner Violence

Learning Disability Development Day Rampton Hospital September 2018

Research Symposium

Aberystwyth University - Older survivors of domestic violence September 2018

Impact Leaders Engagement Event

Lead/Chair ESRC Impact Fund: Sexual Safety in Mental Health Care Contexts. Nottingham November


Royal College of Nursing International Research Conference Birmingham April 2018

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): evolving policy landscapes and growing complexity in healthcare contexts

Univeritas 21 Melbourne Australia September 2018

Gender based violence in global health contexts - the findings of a multi-country collaboration


STTI European Conference Cambridge UK June 2018

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Evolving policy landscapes and growing complexity in healthcare contexts

Oral Presentation

European Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) Symposium of Evidence Based Healthcare in Clinical Practice Guidelines, Decision making process and Evidence synthesis Czech Republic December 2018

Evidence based model of safeguarding clinical supervision

European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Leuven, Belgium February 2018

Exploring gender based violence through arts based research methods


Invited speaker

University of Hertfordshire December 2017

Sexual and intimate partner violence seminar

Developing effective responses to intimate partner violence: exploration of traditional boundary narratives


Global Evidence Summit Cape Town South Africa. September 2017

Hidden voices: towards participant-led research in gender based violence

Invited Speaker

Domestic Abuse Conference: Protecting and supporting victims: University of Salford. June 2017

Exploring Domestic Violence and Abuse in Healthcare Contexts

Symposium and concurrent oral presentation

Royal College of Nursing International Research Conference. April 2017

1. Domestic violence: Exploration of education and training to support effective identification and management in practice contexts.

2. 'Don't Judge Me' Narratives of female genital mutilation (FGM) survivorship

Oral presentations

Interpersonal Violence Interventions - Social and Cultural Perspectives 2nd International Conference, Jyväskylä, Finland. June 2017

1. 'Obstetric Violence' a term suitable for all settings?

2. 'No quick fix': developing a model for social care professionals to effectively work with families where domestic violence and abuse has been identified

Oral presentation

Joanna Briggs Collaboration European Symposium May 2017 Aberdeen

Emergency Department Responses to DVA: a review and synthesis of the evidence


Keynote Speaker

Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) UK. Mental Health and Abuse - A Strategic Response That Works. November 2016

The impact of domestic abuse on mental health and wellbeing: complex care encounters

Plenary Speaker

Symposium: Western Sydney University, Australia September 2016

Promising Paradigms, Policies and Practices: Working with the community based agencies to research ways to recognize and respond effectively to violence against older women.

Master Class

Reflexivity and Trauma: Undertaking Research in 'Sensitive ' Topic Areas

This symposium and Master Class form part of a visiting research appointment and collaboration.

Invited speaker

Chance for Change Conference: Domestic Violence and Abuse Initiatives. Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Nottingham March 2016

An Evaluation of the 'STRIDE' Domestic Violence Perpetrator and Survivor Specialist Worker Project in Nottingham

Think Family Conference Nottingham May 2016

The impact of domestic abuse on wellbeing

International Nurses Day 2016 University of Sheffield

Domestic violence and Abuse: Meeting the challenge for the development of effective responses in Nursing

Conference presentations 2016

Royal College of Nursing International Research Conference April 2016 Symposium

Methodological opportunities and challenges in undertaking domestic violence and abuse (DVA) research in healthcare contexts

STTI European Conference June 2016 Symposium

Understanding healthcare professionals responses to domestic violence and abuse: explored through the lens of abjection, otherness and the moral legitimacy of health and illness


Invited Speaker: September 2015. Mojatu: Ending Female Genital Mutilation Together International Conference. Nottingham, UK.

Invited Speaker: October 2015. Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness. Researcher Distress. Nottingham, UK

Invited Speaker: November 2015. 9th North East Conference on Sexual Violence. Durham: UK

Keynote Speaker: December 2015. ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services 40th Year Anniversary Conference The Changing Face of Domestic Violence -Towards a Future Without Abuse. Limerick: Ireland

Conference Presentations 2015

4th International Health Humanities Conference Concurrent paper and round table: Silent Voices: Exploring women's experience of health care professionals responses to domestic violence and abuse

Royal College of Nursing International Research Conference Concurrent Papers:

1. Identifying survivors of domestic violence and abuse: the underlying complexity of health care presentations in the Emergency Department

2. Silent voices: exploring women's experiences of health care professionals responses to domestic violence and abuse

Royal College of Nursing International Education Forum Concurrent Paper: Safeguarding in healthcare curricula: developing incremental teaching and learning resources through collaborative stakeholder partnerships

Nurse Education Today Conference Symposium: Developing a bi-lingual global health education resource examining domestic violence and abuse for virtual learning exchange between the Universities of Nottingham, Bedfordshire UK & Sao Paulo, Brazil: overcoming challenges and developing sustainable academic collaborations.

Past Research

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