Notification of Concern about a Healthcare Student

Submit Notification of Concern about a Healthcare Student

Important Information

Practice staff - please consider carefully whether this is an issue relating to student competence. If so it should be addressed via normal practice competency assessment strategy and in discussion with your PLT education representative.

In submitting this form you should be advised that the information provided may be disclosed to the individual concerned if requested or if used as the basis of an investigation

In submitting this form you are confirming that this is a true statement, to the best of your knowledge

Retention of data (DPA)

  • Forms which do not lead to any action will have the same retention as the student file.
  • If the raising of a concern results in Fitness to Practise hearing, your form will be retained as part of Fitness to Practise hearing paperwork.
Please tell us the Student's Name and Course (if known)
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Please outline the nature of the concern, giving as much detail as possible including date(s) of behaviour causing concern and any witnesses

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If you have taken any action to address the behaviour which has caused concern please give details below.

If you have not taken any action, please press Submit at the bottom of the page.

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