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Family and Public Health

NHS nurses start at level 5 and with experience and further qualifications can progress into a range of areas.



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Level 5 Clinical

Staff nurse
It’s likely that you will work in the community (in people’s homes) or a primary care setting (such as a GP’s practice or hospital). Among your responsibilities will be to recognise health risks, articulate health concerns of individuals and communities to relevant people, and support people in making informed choices about their care needs. You will also advise on child health and support older people, encouraging positive interventions.

Level 6 Clinical

Occupational health nurse/community nurses/practice nurse
You will support family wellbeing initiatives, helping people change their behaviour and improve their health. You will also lead your team in care delivery, making informed clinical judgements about the involvement of other services.

Level 6 Management

Team leader
Working in either a clinical management or business management role, you will be responsible for the supervision of teams of registered and non-registered staff. You will implement vital health policies and ensure your team meets its objectives.

Level 6 Education

Lecturer practitioner
Supporting other practitioners in their learning, you will deliver education and training in an educational or healthcare setting, or both.

Level 6 Research

Research assistant
You will likely work in a university or other research centre, supporting research teams by preparing interviews, recruiting research participants and collating data.

Level 7 Clinical

Health visitor/school nurse/family nurse
You will be an advocate for community health and wellbeing, enabling people of all ages to address health issues and make appropriate lifestyle changes. Working with a range of groups you will address health inequalities and work with families with multiple and complex needs.

Level 7 Management

Community team leader
Community team leaders oversee the delivery of high-quality, evidence-based care, while having overall responsibility for the management and supervision of teams in specific clinical areas.

Level 7 Education

Senior lecturer
Working in an educational or practice setting (or both), you will deliver training and create a supportive learning environment. Operating with greater autonomy, you will either work on your own or lead a team of educationalists or healthcare professionals.

Level 7 Research

Clinical trials nurse/research fellow
A clinical trials nurse combines direct care with clinical research. You will contribute to the development of new trials and take a lead on gaining R&D approval. A research fellow is usually based in a university or research centre and develops the evidence base to support the delivery of health and social care within a specialist area.

Level 8 Clinical

Consultant health visitor
Working at an advanced level, you will work with a mix of health professionals across organisations and sectors. You will lead on strategy to improve people’s health and wellbeing, as well as developing and managing services.

Level 8 Management

Service manager/assistant director
There are a wide range of jobs at this level, including lead practice nurse, head of community nursing and public health development manager. Whether you are working on a hospital ward or in the community, you will lead your team and coordinate the production of clinical service development plans.

Level 8 Education 

Head of department
Designing and leading education programmes, either in a university or practice setting (or both), you will provide academic leadership and ensure high quality teaching.

Level 8 Research

Working at a university and specialising in a specific area, your research will be published in peer review journals and potentially have a big impact on the way care is delivered.

Level 9 Clinical

Director of public health
Working autonomously, you will design and lead services across your organisation as well as other sectors. A key role will be to develop major strategies and policies to improve the health and wellbeing of the public locally and nationally.

Level 9 Management

Board director
You will be responsible for the strategic direction of your health organisation, local authority or specialist service. It is likely that you will coordinate and contribute to the development of local and national policies, while providing inspirational leadership to your teams.

Level 9 Education

University dean
You will be responsible for the entire strategy of the school or faculty, establishing nursing education courses and creating a culture where high-quality learning and research can thrive.

Level 9 Research

University professors lead and develop nursing research and the education of nurses and other healthcare professionals.

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