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Supporting Long-Term Care

NHS nurses start at level 5 and with experience and further qualifications can progress into a range of areas.



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Level 5 Clinical

Residential care home nurse/community staff nurse

You will help people manage their long-term conditions, assess patients and plan and implement high levels of care. You will carry out clinical procedures, offer advice and support and collaborate with other healthcare professionals. 


Level 6 Clinical

Practice nurse
Working in primary care, practice nurses diagnose and develop treatment plans, educate and support patients, and provide information and advice.

Level 6 Management

Team leader
You will have a high degree of autonomy, assessing patients, planning and implementing care in a wide variety of settings.

Level 6 Education

Lecturer practitioner
Supporting other practitioners in their learning, you will deliver education and training in either an educational or healthcare setting, or a combination of both.

Level 6 Research

Research assistant
You will likely work in a university or other research centre, supporting research teams by preparing for interviews, recruiting research participants and collating data.

Level 7 Clinical

Prison nurse/clinical nurse specialist/district nurse
Patients who need long-term care often have a particular illness or condition, such as dementia. Working in this area you will provide expert advice, support and care to a range of people in one of a number of settings.

Level 7 Management

Community team leader
Leading and managing a team of district nurses, you will be responsible for the delivery and maintenance of high-quality care.

Level 7 Education

Senior lecturer
Working in an educational or practice setting (or both), you will deliver training and create a supportive learning environment. Operating with greater autonomy, you will either work on your own or lead a team of educationalists or healthcare professionals.

Level 7 Research

Clinical trials nurse/research fellow
A clinical trials nurse combines direct care with clinical research. You will contribute to the development of new trials and take a lead on gaining R&D approval. A research fellow is usually based in a university or research centre and develops the evidence base to support the delivery of health and social care within a specialist area.

Level 8 Clinical

Nurse consultant
Your role blends direct, higher level clinical care with education, research and management activities.

Level 8 Management

Community matron
You will use your expert clinical judgement to improve the lives of patients with long-term conditions, coordinating complex care needs and promoting self-care to help patients stay out of hospital.

Level 8 Education

Head of department
Designing and leading education programmes, either in a university or practice setting (or both), you will provide academic leadership and ensure high levels of teaching.

Level 8 Research

Working at a university and specialising in a specific area, your research will be published in peer review journals and potentially have a big impact on the way care is delivered.

Level 9 Clinical

Practice partner
You will work with GPs, nurses, and practice managers to provide medical services to local communities, while using your entrepreneurial and business skills to set the strategic direction of the practice.

Level 9 Management

Board director
You will provide powerful leadership to an organisation’s nurses and healthcare professionals, contributing to overall strategy.

Level 9 Education

University dean
It will be your responsibility for the entire strategy of the school or faculty, to establish nursing education courses and create a culture where high-quality learning and research can thrive.

Level 9 Research

University professors lead and develop nursing research and the education of nurses and other healthcare professionals.

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