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Supporting carers in end of life care:

an introductory programme

Welcome - This training programme has been designed so that anybody with experience of training and carer support can run an introductory course on supporting carers in end of life care. No prior knowledge of end of life care is required, although it will be necessary to spend time preparing to deliver the training. All the information that is needed to run the training is contained within the Training Pack.

The training is for delivery to support workers and volunteers who work with carers (such as family members and friends) who are providing home-based end of life care. By participating in the training, support workers and volunteers will acquire a good overview of the support needs of carers in end of life contexts, and will gain confidence to work safely with carers in end of life situations.

The core training is designed to be delivered over one day. However, it can be used flexibly and there are additional materials provided so that you can extend or adapt the training to meet your local needs.

The Training Pack is free to use once you have completed the simple registration form.

Registration form

How to use the Training Pack

The Training Pack contains seven sections. All of these materials can be downloaded and printed as required, once the registration form has been completed.

Facilitator handbook: This is the handbook for trainers. It contains all of the information required to deliver the course. We recommend that you read this first.

Trainee Workbook: The trainee workbook contains all of the materials that the trainee will need during the training.

Resources: These resources have been selected by bereaved carers as being particularly useful. They can be used as background reading for trainers and trainees. They can also be used by the support workers and volunteers directly with the carers they work with.

Pre-Course reading: This is designed for you to give to the support workers/volunteers who are coming on your training day/s. It is used to help the trainee understand what the course is about and decide whether it is appropriate to their learning needs.

Promotional Poster: This is a template for a poster that you can adapt to advertise the training that you are running.

Session slides: The slides can be viewed on a laptop or tablet if you are training a very small number of people. For a larger group you can project the slides onto a screen, if your computer is connected to a projector and you have internet access. These are all the slides you will need as part of the programme.