Supporting vulnerable patients from medically
under-served groups

A co-produced e-learning programme for pharmacy and health professionals

Vulnerable patients and people who are medically under-served find accessing health and screening services challenging. Our research suggests that people’s experience with pharmacy and other health services is variable. Many experience discrimination or disadvantage as a result of their status. Extra support is urgently needed.

We are a team of researchers who have co-produced with patients an e-learning programme for pharmacy and other health professionals. Watch the video and hear why you will benefit from the e-learning below:

How we co-produced the e-learning

Who was involved

People who belong or represent medically under-served groups worked in partnership with pharmacy professionals to co-produce this e-learning.

We used mixed patient–professional workshops to explore patient experiences and thoughts.
We co-developed ways health professionals could improve engagement with them.


Access the e-learning here!

Discovering and
understanding under-served

Using real-life stories,
we illustrate some of the challenges the medically
under-served face managing
their medicines.

Exploring the medicine experiences and needs of patients who are underserved

This e-learning is designed
to enable you to reflect on
how you identify and approach
patients that are
medically under-served.

Effectively interacting and engaging patients who are underserved

This resource will help you to improve your awareness and understanding of individuals who are under-served and the health challenges they face.

We hope you find this e-learning insightful and hope it helps you, and your team, to better engage and support your most vulnerable patients.