Liverpool and Empire, 1700-1970

The Third Annual Conference of the Centre for Liverpool and Merseyside Studies

20 and 21 April 2006


Hosted by the History Programme at Liverpool John Moores University at the Merseyside Martime Museum

A conference exploring Liverpool's role as the 'second city of the British empire', and the impact of the long-term colonial connection on Liverpool's economy, society, politics, culture and physical landscape.

Plenary Speaker: John MacKenzie (formerly Lancaster)

Papers already accepted:

West African Seamen in 19th-century Liverpool - Diane Frost (Liverpool) Liverpool Merchants and the 18th-century Atlantic Empire - Sheryllynne Haggerty (University of Nottingham) Liverpool as a Diasporic City - John Herson (Liverpool John Moores) -‘Liverpool and the Eastern Trade 1800-1850’ - Tony Webster (Edge Hill College of Higher Education) Liverpool and South America, 1840-1930 - Rory Miller ( Liverpool) and Robert Greenhill (London Metropolitan ) Collecting Empire? African Objects, West African Traders, and Liverpool Collectors - Dimitri van den Bersselaar (Liverpool) and Zachary Kingdon (World Museum Liverpool) Transmitting Ideas of Empire in Liverpool - Murray Steele (Edge Hill) Liverpool Shipping and the End of Empire in Asia - Nick White (Liverpool John Moores) - Imperial Architecture in Liverpool - Robert MacDonald (Liverpool John Moores) - Tropical Medicine in Liverpool - Colonial and Post-Colonial Influences - Geoff Gill (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) - Liverpool, Slavery and the Slave Trade post 1807 - Marika Sherwood (ICS) - Old habits dyeing hard: Barclays, Liverpool and Cotton 1945 - 1970 - Billy Frank (Central Lancashire) - Economies of decline - John Holt & Co (Liverpool) Ltd, Liverpool West Africa merchant - Stephie Decker (LSE).

Proposals for papers on all aspects of Liverpool's imperial history are encouraged, but will be particularly welcome on the following topics: Liverpool politics and empire Non-European perceptions of Liverpool The imperial influence on Liverpool's culture and society - e.g. architecture and gender.

Please send an abstract of 200-250 words to Nick White at the address/email below.

Closing date for submission of abstracts: 30 November 2005

For further information or questions please contact: Nick White, School of Social Science, Liverpool John Moores University, Clarence Street, Liverpool L3 5UG; or co-organiser Sheryllynne Haggerty, School of History, University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD;