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DailyBites frequently asked questions

What’s this all about?

When you sign up for DailyBites, you’ll get a daily allowance for food and drinks, which you can use at over 30 outlets across campus. It guarantees you a good meal every day – which is great when you’re busy, short of cash or the communal kitchen is a tip!

Sounds good. How does it work?

You pay upfront, either annually, weekly or at the start of term, and can then spend £27.50 each week any time of day, at your choice of on-campus restaurants.

The money will go onto your student card each Monday. You’ll need to present the card whenever you want to get your DailyBites.

By the way - that £27.50 incorporates a 5% discount, so you’re actually only paying £26.10 a week.

What if I don’t spend my weekly allowance?

Unspent funds roll over Monday-Sunday. So they can be used at the weekend too if you’ve got anything left over. Just make sure you use it up before midnight each Sunday to get the most for your money.

What if I lose, forget, misplace or accidentally damage my student card?

Depending on the type of damage, we may replace your card free of charge. Otherwise, you’ll need to get a replacement from Security at a cost of £15. All your DailyBites funds will be transferred onto your new card.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have your card on you, you’ll have to pay for your food and drinks another way.

So where can I use my DailyBites?

You can get your DailyBites at over 30 bars, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants across University Park and Jubilee Campuses. There’s loads of choice, from pizzas and pastas to snacks, salads and sandwiches. View the full list (and don’t forget to check the local guidelines and conditions).

Can I give my card to someone else?

No – your card isn’t transferable. But there’s nothing to stop you treating someone if you’re feeling generous.

Can I buy alcohol with my card?

No. Maybe go for a mocktail instead?

What if I spend over my weekly allowance?

Your £27.50 weekly allowance will rollover until midnight each Sunday. If you spend over £27.50 before midnight on Sunday you'll need to pay the remaining amount through other means.

Can I use my card more than once in a day?

Go for it! You can get as many DailyBites as you like up to the value of £27.50 each week.

Can I use DailyBites for other things, like photocopying and library charges?

Afraid not. But you can top up your student card separately for things like this.

What if my card doesn’t work?

Speak to a member of the Hospitality staff, and they’ll call the finance office to sort it out for you.

I have special dietary requirements. Is there something for me?

Absolutely. There are loads of meal types to choose from, and a variety of diets are catered for – just keep an eye out for the ‘My Goodness’ sign.

I want to get my DailyBites. Where do I sign up?

Apply online and start tucking in today!




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