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DailyBites frequently asked questions

What’s this all about?

DailyBites is a weekly allowance included in your catered hall package. It is loaded on to your student ID card, and is also available to use via the MyNottingham app.

What if I haven’t received my student ID card yet?

We know that the start of the academic year can be a hectic time and sometimes you won’t be able to get your student ID card straight away. If you live in catered halls, contact your hall’s Welcome Point and speak to your Hall Manager as soon as possible. Don’t forget you can also use the MyNottingham app.

How do I use my DailyBites balance?

There are two ways to use your DailyBites balance. You can download the MyNottingham app and pay using the QR code or you can tap it on the contactless card reader at the side of the customer facing till screen. 

What if my card/app doesn’t work?

If your DailyBites balance does not refresh in the MyNottingham app, please uninstall the app and reinstall it. This should fix it. Please report any issues straight away by getting in touch via email or telephone 0115 74 84997.

What if I lose, forget, misplace or damage my student ID card?

If your student ID card is lost or damaged, you will need to contact the Security office, located behind Hallward Library, to get a new one. Balances will be transferred onto your new card straight away, but if you want to use your balance before you manage to get a new card you can download the MyNottingham app and use the QR code on the DailyBites tab. 

How do I check how much money I’ve got left?

You can check your balance on the MyNottingham app – just select the DailyBites tab. 
What happens if I spend over my weekly balance?It’s a great idea to make the most of your weekly balance. You can’t top up your DailyBites balance, though. If you want to spend more, you’ll need to pay using credit/debit card or cash.

Does any balance left on one day transfer to the next day?

You’ll have until midnight each Sunday to spend your balance. Any remaining money won’t roll over, so you’ll need to use it or lose it. Be careful at the end of term – the DailyBites package is term-time only, and some locations do close or reduce their weekend opening hours.

Can I give my card to anyone else to use?

No – your card isn’t transferable. 

Is there anything I can’t buy?

Alcohol and tobacco products are always off-limits, and so are medicines and merchandise; this includes cough sweets and syrups, it also includes things like reusable cups and advent calendars, even if they come with a free drink or chocolate. If something isn’t for human consumption, it’s definitely not a DailyBites product, so no notebooks, no toiletries, and absolutely no treats for the stray cat that’s been hanging around in your garden!

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