Pregnancy and Maternity


A woman is protected against discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy and maternity during the period of her pregnancy and any statutory maternity leave to which she is entitled. 

It is unlawful to consider an employee's period of absence due to a pregnancy-related illness when making a decision about her employment. 

For education and service providers, protection has been expanded to women outside of the workplace from discrimination that arises as a result of pregnancy and maternity.

Breastfeeding mothers are also protected.  So for example, it would be discriminatory to ask a woman to leave a University restaurant because she is breastfeeding her baby.  This protection extends for the period that the mother breastfeeds her baby (even after 26 weeks). 

Support and Useful Information

Support for female staff members is provided through the Women's Staff Network.

Information relating to Maternity can be found on the Maternity, Parental Support and Adoption section of the HR website.