EEA/EU Immigration Advice for Staff



If, as a result of the EU Referendum, you are concerned about your ability to live and work in the UK in the longer-term, you may be considering taking steps now to safeguard your immigration status in the UK.

Following the outcome of the referendum last year, the University invited leading immigration law specialists, Paragon Law Solicitors, to provide seminars and workshops to advise on the application routes available to EU nationals and their dependents and give practical advice on how to present applications to the Home Office.

The materials from these sessions are available below:

Staff Immigration Advice Documents – Paragon Law

EEA/EU Staff Immigration Advice Seminars
(Presentation Slides)

Registration Certificate and Residence Card Guidance

Permanent Residence Guidance

Citizenship/Naturalisation Guidance

Paragon Law Seminars FAQs

Home Office Guidance Documents

Registration Certificate Applications – Refer to QR Form

Permanent Residence Applications – Refer to PR Form

Citizenship/Naturalisation Applications – Refer to AN Form 

Please note that in order to apply for Citizenship, you must first apply for evidence of Permanent Residence and have held this right for 6 years before you are eligible to apply for Citizenship.

Before applying for British Citizenship, you should check what impact this may have on any accompanying dependents who rely on your current status as a qualifying EU national for their right to live in the UK.

Further information on these, and other considerations is available in the above guidance documents and FAQs. There are also eligibility criteria for you and your accompanying dependents on the Home Office web site.

Confirmation of Employment Letters in Support of applications

Applications to the Home Office will normally require a supporting letter from your employer. To request a letter in support of your application please complete our online request form, selecting the application type from the list, so that the team can ensure the letter they provide meets the requirements of that particular application type.

Further Advice

If you were unable to attend any of the above events, please email the HR department at to register your interest in any future seminars or workshops that may take place, subject to demand.

The HR International Employment Services team are not permitted to give immigration advice, however, they will be pleased to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and provide information that will help you to consider your options.