Global People Strategy 2020

The University of Nottingham’s Global People Strategy and HR Strategy 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of The University of Nottingham’s Global People Strategy and HR Strategy 2020.

Global People Strategy 2020

The Global People Strategy 2020 details our vision for how we will deliver the People Foundation of Global Strategy 2020 and applies to all of our campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia.

HR Strategy 2020

The HR Strategy describes how the HR team will support delivery of Global Strategy 2020 through a programme of work covering six broad aims:

Aim 1: Talent & Resourcing

Attract, identify, develop and retain high performing talent across all areas

Aim 2: Leadership
& Management Development

Develop and support the growth of transformational leadership and management

Aim 3: Performance Management

Enable the development of a high performance culture in which staff performance can be supported, rewarded, enhanced and managed effectively


Aim 4: People & Culture

Foster a values based culture focused on diversity, inclusivity, wellbeing and positive engagement

Aim 5: Pay & Reward

Develop a total reward approach which is valued by staff and facilitates organisational objectives

Aim 6: HR Excellence

Provide excellent core HR, Professional Development and Health & Safety services across all business areas to enable the effective operation of the organisation


The HR Strategy applies to our UK campuses with local HR strategies being developed for China and Malaysia.

Each aim of the HR Strategy is closely linked (as demonstrated in the diagram below) and will combine to provide the foundations required to support the development and achievement of our employees as we work together to create an inclusive and high performance culture which enables the delivery of Global Strategy 2020.

HR Service Excellence