Advice for managers - HR processes during Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

See latest advice for UoN community and details of how to report symptoms or test results

The wellbeing of our University community is our priority. During the current situation with coronavirus Covid-19, please remain calm and follow the advice and precautions published on the University web pages and associated communications.

Guidelines have been created for managers to support them with various Human Resources processes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These guides are intended to provide practical advice and support to ensure these processes run as smoothly as possible during this time.

Our HR team is here to support you on a confidential case-by-case basis and can provide specific advice and guidance.



Covid-19 frequently asked questions (FAQs) for staff

The Covid-19 recovery enquiry site provides responses to common staff questions regarding the University of Nottingham's response to Covid-19.

See also the Covid-19 Recovery Planning site, which hosts materials, resources and documentation associated with the Covid-19 recovery planning.


Webinars, forums, information exchange and learning resources

The Leadership and Management Academy is hosting a range of webinars and events that you can book onto. You can also access recordings of previous webinars covering topics such as managing homeworking teams, spotting the signs of stress and coping with home schooling. There are also a wealth of learning resources, checklists and tips for managing remote working teams effectively.


Furloughing – information for managers

In response to the crisis, the Government launched the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for UK employers, which is an emergency measure intended to provide support with staff employment costs where those staff members are furloughed due to being unable to carry out work as a direct result of the Covid-19 situation.


Return to Campus and Return from Furlough

If you are a manager with a team who are either returning to work on campus or returning from furlough, please have a look at the Return to Operations: Manager's Guide (HR) on Moodle, which will support you with the practical HR aspects of bringing staff back to work. 


Critical worker status

Staff who are required to deliver, or to support delivery of teaching or research and the provision of appropriate university facilities (including catering, cleaning and provision of study spaces including laboratories and libraries) are considered critical workers for the purposes of access to education and travelling to work counts as a reasonable excuse for travel, notwithstanding wider travel restrictions in place. Parents and carers who are critical workers should keep their children home if they can.


Working from home - guidance for managers

This guide covers the implications for those who the University asks to continue working from home over the coming months to help us in managing returns in a safe and phased way. The guidance outlines some of the Health and Safety and IT requirements, as well as other considerations such as wellbeing and managing a virtual team. There are also a range of resources on effective remote working and wellbeing provided on the LMA Hub for staff and managers to access.




Staff wellbeing guide and access to practical resources

Staff mental health and wellbeing is important to us and we have developed a staff wellbeing guide providing access to guidance, learning materials and policies to promote your overall wellbeing.


Advice for managers - considering EDI

Managers are encouraged to consider the impact the current situation may be having on the teams they manage, and in particular any specific EDI related considerations. To support managers, we have developed this guide, which provides practical advice on issues to consider, access to guidance, learning materials and policies.



Now Hiring

Advice for managers - recruitment processes

This guide has been produced to support managers with current or future staff recruitment requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic, and highlights the new authorisation processes that must now be followed, as well as providing guidance on how to conduct the various stages of the recruitment process during the current situation.


Advice for managers - induction for new staff

Starting a new role in the University in the current circumstances can be challenging for new members of the team.  The traditional staff induction techniques of meeting people, getting settled in and making connections with others may not be possible. Our remote induction guide has been created to support managers successfully induct new colleagues into your team in response to Covid-19.


Advice for managers - leaver processes

This guide has been produced to help managers support leavers from the University during the Covid-19 pandemic, recognising that the current situation means some leavers processes cannot be managed in person as they normally would.


Voluntary initiatives

To support the financial sustainability of the University in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, in partnership with our recognised Trade Unions, the University has launched two voluntary initiatives for employees.



Last edited Feb 17, 2021