Hybrid Working


Hybrid working is the term that refers to a blended approach of working location that we will be using during the interim phase (expected to be fully in place by 1 September 2021). Staff will be expected to spend some time on campus from 19 July 2021 and may, therefore, also spend some time working remotely.

Hybrid working guidelines have been prepared to help managers plan for a return to campus, balancing operational requirements and, where applicable, any social distancing measures (which may be in place during the transition back to campus and/or based on current Government guidelines). The Hybrid Working guidelines are applicable to all job families where it is not essential to be on campus all the time. As hybrid working is likely to reduce the number of staff on campus at any one time (whilst ensuring we re-establish our campus community) during this transitional phase it is likely to also:

  1. Ease the burden on facilities (eg public transport, catering, toilets) and maximise the available space and services for student-facing and research related activities and services.
  2. Further support the wellbeing of our staff and students.
  3. Further reduce the opportunity for transmission of the infection from the external environment.


Kevin Ellis - Bridging the Gap: Learning lessons as we transition to a 'new normal' way of working

You might find the recording of this event organised by the Leadership and Management Academy useful. Here Kevin Ellis, Chairman and Senior Partner of PwC, shares his insights about how he is supporting 22,000 staff across the UK to adapt to a new hybrid way of working. It lasts for one hour, you will need to be a member of University staff to view this video.

Kevin Ellis - Bridging the Gap: Learning lessons as we transition to a 'new normal' way of working

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