Benchmark Roles

This Benchmark library of roles provides Role Profile forms (RPFs) at most levels within each job family, which will assist recruiting managers in developing RPFs for new posts and to propose an appropriate level with reference to existing posts.

What is a benchmark role?

These are a sample of roles, most of which have been evaluated using the Hay methodology, and have been selected as being representative of particular levels or types of activities carried out across the University.

The level of a new role can be assessed by reviewing the role and responsibilities against those of the benchmark roles, in order to find a comparable role and level.  When benchmarking new roles, the role and its responsibilities as a whole should be considered in this process, rather than just the job title, as these may not be consistent or represent comparative jobs across the University.


How should these roles be used?

When new roles are developed within the University, managers can refer to the benchmark roles to assist them in writing the Role Profile form for their new post, and also for guidance as to the level they may propose for the role.

When writing a new Role Profile form, the context of the School/Department and relevant information relating to the specialist field/area, procedures, associated regulations, equipment, qualifications, experience etc should be included.  The benchmark roles do not include this detail.

Benchmark roles should be used as guidance tools together with the Job Families to assist in determining the appropriate level of a new role.


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Childcare Services

Operations & Facilities

Research & Teaching

Technical Services

These benchmark roles will be reviewed periodically.

When these roles were Hay scored, they were evaluated and assigned into the appropriate level according to the role at that time.  The Hay scoring of these roles has taken place over a period of time since 2004, and therefore the Role Profile Forms do not necessary reflect the current role which may have changed, or been regraded, and role holders may now differ.  These roles reflect the roles that were being carried out at the time that they were Hay scored.

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