Overtime, Shifts and Unsocial Allowances


Single-time overtime payments are usually made for part-time staff working additional hours below the full-time hours for the post. They can also be paid to staff working on Bank Holidays or University Closure Days.

Overtime hours above the full-time hours for the post will normally be paid at time-and-a-half for staff at Levels 1 to 3.

Double-time overtime above the full-time hours for the post for Levels 1 to 3 is usually paid only for working above the standard daily hours on Bank Holidays and University Closure Days.

Staff at Level 4 and above do not qualify for overtime payments or time-off-in-lieu (TOIL) for overtime worked.

Shift Allowances

Shift allowances are pensionable payments which compensate employees in the Operations and Facilities (O&F) Job Family at Levels 1 and 2 who work regular shift patterns.

Shift 24/7 is a shift pattern which rotates to cover 24 hours, 7 days per week. Unsocial Hours and Weekend Allowance payments will not apply to those staff in receipt of Shift 24/7.

Shift - Extended Hours is a shift pattern which applies where an employee’s regular rota covers a difference in working pattern of a minimum of six hours. For example, a shift pattern of working shift times of 6.00 am - 2.00 pm and 2.00 pm - 10.00 pm would meet the definition. A shift pattern of working shift times of 7.00 am - 2.00 pm and 12.00 noon - 7.00 pm would not meet the definition as the two different start times are not separated by at least six hours. The allowance will only apply to an employee whose work pattern regularly meets the definition.

Unsocial Hours payments will not be made for staff in receipt of the Shift - Extended Hours allowance. An O&F employee in a Level 1 or 2 role not currently entitled to the Extended Hours shift allowance will become entitled to the allowance if their work pattern meets the definition for a period of four weeks and is expected to continue for at least a further four weeks. The employee will not be entitled to the Shift Allowance payment for the initial four weeks, it will only apply to shifts worked thereafter.

The allowance amount may change from time-to-time. It is pensionable and paid on a pro-rata basis for part-time employees. Where two or more allowances apply to the same hours of work, pay is calculated on the basis of the highest value of these allowances only unless otherwise stated. The allowance will cease to be paid if an employee’s work pattern no longer meets the definition for a period of four continuous weeks. There will be no recovery of any allowance already paid for such a period. The provision and management of the allowance remains at the discretion of management.

Unsocial Hours

Staff in the O&F Job Family who work between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am may receive a 20% non-pensionable supplement to the basic hourly rate for those hours.

This enhanced rate will not be paid if the employee's rate of pay already encompasses an unsocial element or when any other enhanced rate is paid for any part of the time worked.

Weekend Allowance

Employees in Level 1 of the O&F Job Family, who have a contractual requirement to work Saturday and/or Sunday, will receive a 20% additional payment for each hour worked at the weekend. Where another enhanced rate is paid for the same hour, the higher rate only will apply. For example if the weekend hour is between 10pm and 6am then either weekend allowance or unsocial hours may be applied but not both.

Animal & Plant House Allowances

Allowances are paid to technicians for work in the Animal and Plant Houses at weekends and on Bank Holidays and University Closure Days according to an agreed rota.

Enhanced Rates of Pay for APM, TS & O&F Staff (Levels 1 - 3)

Rate for working on a Bank Holiday and University Closure Day

  • Staff that work on a Bank Holiday/University Closure Day as part of their normal working week receive pay or Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) at plain time rate for the hours worked, in addition to the normal days pay.
  • Staff that work a Bank Holiday/University Closure Day which is NOT part of their normal working week will be paid at the normal basic rate for the hours worked on that day at plain time or will be given time off in lieu (TOIL). Where this is overtime (hours in excess of the full-time working week currently 36.25 hours) double time will be paid.

Security Staff Only - O&F Levels 1 & 2

Payment for working on a Bank Holiday which falls on a rest day

  • Staff that work on a Bank Holiday which falls on a rest day will be paid a normal days pay at plain time rate in addition to their normal pay.


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