Annual PDPR Process


PDPR applies to staff (including relevant staff in Malaysia and China) in the following job families/staff groups:

  • Administrative, Professional and Managerial
  • Child Care Services
  • Research and Teaching
  • Technical Services

This section provides guidance relating to the annual PDPR process, including:

Roles and

The success of PDPR relies on the contribution of a number of participants.

Key Dates and

Outlines key stages of the annual review process.


PDPR Process

What to do in preparation for, and conducting, the annual PDPR review meeting.

PDPR Outcomes

Gives the outcomes of the latest PDPR process.



For preparing for, and documenting the outcome, of the annual PDPR review meeting

Guidance for Level 7 Professorial Staff

Guidance for setting objectives for Level 7 Professorial staff


Reviewer's Checklist

For preparing for the annual PDPR review meeting with the reviewee

Reviewee's Checklist

For preparing for your annual PDPR review meeting







Last edited Jun 29, 2016