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The University of Nottingham aims to improve University performance by developing and improving individual performance of its staff. This will be achieved through the committed and skilful application of the Personal Development and Performance Review process (PDPR) across the University.

As part of the effective application of the PDPR process managers should set objectives and review not only ‘what’ an individual does, but also ‘how’ objectives have been met.

It is more often the ‘how’ where effective focus on personal development can be applied to improve an individual’s performance, whether this is through the application of new skills that have been acquired through training or through recognising and adopting a different approach to a situation to achieve a more successful outcome. This is sometimes referred to as behavioural competency and can sometimes be difficult to identify or articulate to a member of staff.

This guidance has been drafted to support managers and staff in identifying appropriate ‘Behavioural Indicators’ that may enable more effective delivery and consequently improve the application of skills and knowledge that improve overall individual performance.

The Building a Culture for Success guide can be referenced as it provides a set of required expectations and behaviours, together with a set of unacceptable behaviours, that are both equitable and accessible by all, which then through observation and evidence, equips managers to address and improve performance.

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