Guidance on University procedure raising concern about a personal relationship at work

Where a concern has been raised that a personal relationship is adversely affecting the work of the employee(s) concerned or others, managers should make every effort to resolve any issues. The line manager or Head of School/Department will treat these matters in confidence and sensitively and consult staff involved and the relevant HR Business Partner.

If the situation cannot be resolved using this procedure it may be necessary to follow other complaint mechanisms which exist within the University. This includes the Grievance Procedure.

The Employee(s) raising the concern will:

  • outline the details of the concern
  • consequences for them as a result
  • discuss any remedy they are seeking

The Manager will:

  • give the employee(s) appropriate notice of an informal meeting to discuss the matter
  • meet with the employee(s) to inform them of the nature of their alleged inappropriate behaviour/reasons for the concern
  • listen to any response the employee(s) may wish to make and provide opportunity for them to propose possible solutions
  • discuss actions that can be taken by the employee(s) voluntarily to avoid repercussions
  • discuss actions that can be taken by the line manager to assist the employee(s) e.g. change in reporting arrangements
  • if there is evidence that there has been inappropriate behaviour/a conflict of interest then to advise the employee(s) that the disciplinary procedure will be invoked if the behaviour continues/the situation is not resolved
  • ensure the employee is treated fairly and with due regard to equality of treatment issues

The Employee(s) against which the concern has been raised is entitled to:

  • be told the purpose of the meeting, including details of the nature of the problem
  • give their response to the problem and to put their side of the case
  • a copy of this procedure
  • a letter within 7 calendar days following the meeting confirming the main issues considered, the outcome and the right to invoke the grievance procedure if dissatisfied with the outcome
  • be treated fairly
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