Sponsorship Duties - Post Recruitment


Maintaining up-to-date contact details

Please ensure that you inform HR if you become aware of any changes to the contact details of migrant workers in your School/Department. A change of contact details online form is available for employees to notify HR of these changes.

Reporting any unauthorised absence

Unauthorised absence does not include authorised annual leave, sickness absence which has been appropriately reported through the University’s sickness absence reporting procedure or any other leave (such as compassionate, parental, maternity, study etc), authorised under a University process.

You should therefore ensure that staff are aware of the process for reporting all forms of leave, including annual leave. It is very important that you inform HR as soon as possible when you become aware that a migrant employee is absent without authorisation.

Annual check of eligibility to work in the UK

The University is required to formally check migrants’ eligibility on an annual basis. HR will conduct those annual checks.

It is important that they also notify HR immediately of any changes to this information.



Last edited Aug 01, 2016