National Health Surcharge


The National Health Service (NHS)

Healthcare in the UK for EEA Nationals

EEA Nationals living and working in the UK are entitled to free NHS treatment.

Healthcare in the UK for Tier 2 and Tier 5 Migrant Workers

Since 6 April 2015, any migrant worker and dependents (if applicable) who are making a new visa application, both in-country and overseas, must pay the NHS Surcharge.

The cost if this is £200 per year for the applicant and each dependent for any stay over 6 months. Therefore, if you are making an application for a 3 year visa, this will cost £600 for the applicant and a further £600 for each dependent. Please use the online calculator to establish the exact amount required.

If you are applying for a visa by post, the NHS Surcharge must be paid for before you send your application, and you must provide the reference number on your visa application form. if you are making an visa application at a premium service centre, you must pay the surcharge when you book an appointment.

When paying the NHS Surcharge fee you will be asked for the start and end dates on your Certificate of Sponsorship.

If the stay is less than six months, there will be a reduction in the cost of the surcharge fee.

This fee will allow migrant workers free access to the NHS however, there will still be charges for prescriptions, dental appointments and eye tests.

For further information, please see the UKVI webpages.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to pay the fee?

If you are making a postal visa application, you must pay the fee before you post your application, and provide the reference number on your application.

If you are applying for your visa online, you must pay for the NHS Surcharge at the time of your application.

If you are booking a premium appointment, you must pay at the time of booking the appointment.

Your visa application will be refused if you do not pay (or do not pay enough) within 10 working days if you are inside the UK or 7 working days if you are overseas.

Am I exempt from paying the fee?
All migrant workers must pay the fee to be granted a visa. You will not have to pay if you are applying for settlement, or if you are an EEA National.
When are refunds given?

Your fee will be automatically refunded if you application has been refused or if you withdraw your application.

You will get a partial refund if your visa is approved but you are not granted the maximum amount of leave applied for or if your application has been granted but your dependents refused.

You cannot be granted a refund if you decide not to travel to the UK, you leave before your permission to remain in the UK ends, or if you do not use any health services during your stay.

If you accidentally paid the fee twice from inside the UK, please request a refund using the payment service used to make the first payment. If you are going to a premium service centre, then please tell the UKVI when you attend your appointment. If you paid the fee twice from outside the UK, your first payment will be automatically refunded when your visa application is reviewed.






Last edited Aug 01, 2016