Occasional Students


An occasional student is someone:

  • Studying at a higher education institution overseas
  • Undertaking part of their studies/research in the UK (outside of recognised study abroad/exchange programmes and schemes)
  • With or without funding for their studies
Note: Lecturers from overseas universities who are undertaking research towards a PhD in their home country are occasional students and not academic visitors.


Financial Issues

Fees are charged for these students and are calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Immigration Issues

Tier 4 visa required.

Further Information

International Office - Gail.Armistead@nottingham.ac.uk

Short Courses

Run by the International Office or by a School. In either case, to fall into this category the study period must be two weeks or more. Such students should be registered on a simplified application form obtained from the International Office and preparation for registration should take place before the course begins. These students will have to be registered through Saturn by means of the application forms.

Financial isues: Fees for such courses are set when the tender for them is agreed following discussions between those running the course, the International Office and Planning.

Immigration Issues: Student Visitor Visa required.

Further Information: International Office - Gail.Armistead@nottingham.ac.uk.



Last edited Aug 01, 2016