Survey Results


61% of our staff completed our 2017 Staff Engagement Survey. This positive response rate shows a real interest from our staff in feeding back on their working environment and improving how they and colleagues engage within the University.

The survey results highlight that there is much work to be done to achieve the aims of our People Strategy - part of Global Strategy 2020. While there are areas where we are doing well, the results clearly show that there are areas where we need to do better in supporting colleagues - particularly in understanding the University’s strategic aims, and the part that staff play in achieving them.

Our relative strengths are: many staff feel the work their colleagues do is of a high quality; and in the last six months many of our staff have discussed their progress with their manager. A significant number of our staff also told us they felt they had a ‘best friend’ at work.

Our weaknesses lie around a deep institutional understanding of the University’s mission and purpose: whether the strategy makes our jobs seem important; whether staff felt they had the opportunity to do what they do best every day; and whether staff fully understand what’s expected of them in their role.

Jaspal Kaur, Director of HR:

“The results of the survey provide a solid basis on which to improve our communication and engagement with colleagues across the institution. I want to thank again everyone who took part in this important process.

By collecting and analysing the experiences and opinions of colleagues working at all levels within our University we can begin to paint a more accurate picture of the working environment and, most importantly, reflect on how we can improve it. Engagement is everybody’s responsibility and we all have our part to play.”