What Happens Next


Every Department in the University will be discussing their results with all staff, and using the outcomes to create action plans which build on strengths and address areas of weakness.

A network of Engagement Champions has also been created to support the culture change needed to improve engagement across the University, and they will guide and support this process.

Expected timings are as follows:

  • Monday 10 July - Identified managers and Engagement Champions receive access to their results
  • July to October - Discussions take place with colleagues within departments and action plans are drafted
  • September - UEB discuss institution-wide implications of the survey and action planning progress
  • Early November - Local and University-level action plans in place, with Engagement Champions driving implementation of the plans across all Departments
  • December - HR review action plans to report to UEB
  • January 2018 - Action plans and report reviewed by UEB to ensure appropriate progress is being made
  • Throughout 2018 - Implementation and ongoing review of action plans, sharing best practice through our Engagement Champions network

The University-level action plan will incorporate four themes: leadership and management; wellbeing and inclusivity; talent and development; and communications and change. This plan will be available for all staff to view once it’s complete.