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Human Rights Film Series presents U.N.Me

A41 Sir Clive Granger Building
Monday 29th February 2016 (18:15-21:00)


This is a special screening in anticipation of our Student Conference 'The UN Human Rights Council: 10 Years On' on Saturday 5 March. Discounted tickets for the conference will be available on the evening.

Peace and security, development and human rights are the three pillars of the United Nations' work. The conference will look at the work of the main body responsible for human rights, the UN Human Rights Council. Before that, we want to take a step back with this film and look at the United Nations as a whole.

Since the creation of the UN in 1946, the world has gone through many significant changes. Inter-state wars became less frequent, and yet, internal conflicts have proliferated and violence of new kind has emerged. What is the role of the UN in this scenario?

U.N. Me is a documentary which examines with critical eyes the role the United Nations plays today in the maintenance of international peace and security, as well as the promotion of development and human rights. Can we still say that the UN is able to live up to its original ambitions, spelled out in its constitutive document, the Charter, or is the organisation more and more unable to fulfil its responsibilities?

Since the lack of prompt reaction of the Security Council in front of the Rwandan genocide, has the main UN political organ become more active in responding to the major world crisis, such as terrorism, nuclear weapons threats, and other challenges?

The documentary tries to respond to these questions, focusing on some particular areas of involvement of the organisation, such as peacekeeping operations and the response to terrorism.

Professor Nigel White, an expert in UN Law, will be our guest and he will present the documentary by reflecting on the changes the UN went through and the main challenges it is facing today. 

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The Human Rights Film Series is a student-led Human Rights Law centre initiative open to staff and students of the University of Nottingham. It shows engaging and provocative films which bring challenging human rights issues to life. The context of each film is briefly introduced by a relevant expert followed by discussion. Screenings are organised by a student committee and are free and open to all staff and students.

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