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Being Roman in the land of Boudica

Arts Centre A30
Tuesday 3rd July 2018 (18:00-19:00)

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A virtual rendering of Caistor in the 4th century with an amphitheatre and buildings. (JAM Creative and Norfolk Archaeological Trust)

Caistor in 4th Century

Being Roman in the land of Boudica: 12 years of research at Caistor-by-Norwich

The story of the Iceni is forever linked with that of Boudica, who famously rebelled against Rome in AD 60/61, and the archaeology of the Iceni territory (covering much of what is now East Anglia) is often viewed in a "Boudican" perspective that emphasises resistance and oppression.

This talk will question this perspective by looking at the results of a long-term research project at the Roman town of Venta Icenorum (Caistor St Edmund near Norwich). Venta was the regional capital of the Icenian territory after Boudica and its archaeology reveals that it was as much a town of the Iceni as it was of Rome, suggesting a local population who used Roman town life to suit their own needs and aspirations.

The talk will also show how the Caistor project has developed a major community archaeology programme giving local people a vital role in academic research.





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