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The Butrint Project

Project summary

This is an interdisciplinary research project led by Richard Hodges (American University in Rome) focused on the ancient and medieval town of Butrint on the coast of southern Albania, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Project details

Will Bowden has been a member of the project since its inception in 1994, working on the Roman and late antique phases of the site, and has published extensively on the excavations, focusing particularly on the 6th-century Baptistery and a huge late antique domus known as the Triconch Palace.

The project has also had a significant heritage management and interpretation element aimed at developing the site in the context of Albania's burgeoning tourist industry and Will Bowden played a leading role in the development of the site museum, which now receives over 200,000 visitors a year.  

For further information please see The Butrint Foundation website.



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