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Below you can find out more about the research interests of our staff. If you would like to find out more about their research or publications please follow the link to their staff profile. 

Nicholas Alfrey

  • British art 1800–present
  • Romanticism (including Anglo-French exchanges)
  • Landscape

Lucy Bradnock

  • American art post-1945, especially the art and visual culture of California
  • Art and American regional identity (especially California and the Midwest)
  • Beat culture and counterculture
  • The legacies of surrealism
  • Performance art and experimental theatre

Ting Chang

  • Histories of collecting
  • 19th-century French art
  • Mobility, travel and cultural exchange
  • Spectatorship

Fintan Cullen

  • Irish art
  • Nationalism
  • Portraiture
  • Caricature
  • Art and national identity in Britain and Ireland from the mid 18th century
  • Display, museums and collecting

Gabriele Neher

  • Renaissance Venice
  • Gender
  • Space/Urban landscape
  • Memory
  • Identity

Lara Pucci

  • Italian landscape in the 20th century
  • Fascism, communism, Italian art
  • European avant-garde film

Mark Rawlinson

  • 20th-century American modernism
  • 20th-century contemporary American photography
  • Critical theory and visual theory
  • Landscape
  • American visual culture

Richard Wrigley

  • French art from the ancien regime to the mid-19th century
  • The visual culture of the French Revolution
  • Art criticism
  • Writing on art, Italian travel, especially to Rome
  • Photography in 19th-century Rome

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