Department of History of Art

Research degrees (PhD, MPhil) - History of Art

The PhD, three years of full-time or up to six years of part-time study, requires an original contribution to knowledge and a thesis of at least 80,000 words.

Our degrees

Art History MPhil/PhD

Visual Culture MPhil/PhD

Recent PhD research topics

  • Giovanni Mansueti's canvases in St Martin's Church in Burano: iconographical sources, theological background and semantic functions
  • Joseph Wright and Derby in the 18th century
  • William Blake and landscape
  • Pastel and portraiture in the 18th century
  • The Iconography of Union in the Houses of Parliament
  • Criminal Portraiture: surfaces and subjectivities
  • Popular Conceptions of War in 19th-century Britain
  • Automatism in the writing and drawings of Artaud, Michaux and Zürn
  • Updating the Uncanny: A spatial hypothesis
  • The Cultural Geography of Young British Art
  • The Photographic Encounter
  • Natural History and the work of Mark Dion, Mark Fairnington and Dorothy Cross
  • Splitting Surfaces in Gordon Matta Clark, Stephen Shore, Anthony McCall
  • Cultural and Technological aspects of Photocopying and Punk 




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